Important Questions to Ask before Posting Bail for a Loved One


If you get a call from a friend or family member who needs help with getting out from behind bars, then you'll want to find a bail bond agency that knows how to secure the fastest release possible. This will give your loved one the best chance of maintaining employment, as well as keeping some sense of normalcy in their domestic life. Before becoming financially involved, you'll want to closely examine your relationship with this person, and make sure you feel fully comfortable about being part of the bail process. Here's a look at five questions to ask before posting bail for someone.

How well do I really know this person?

If someone is asking you for bail money, but you actually don't know them that well, then this could raise some red flags. It might be the case that this person's closer friends and family know that they shouldn't become involved in this person's bail process. However, by consulting mutual friends or family, you might discover that other loved ones simply don't currently have the financial resources needed to post bail, which has led to you being asked for assistance.

How well can I trust this person?

If the roles were reversed, would you trust this person to come through for you? Can you really trust them to be responsible about attending all court dates? Has this person ever manipulated you? While these are difficult questions to ask, they're important because you want to make sure you don't end up regretting your decision to become financially---and emotionally---involved.

What is their employment record?

If your loved one has generally been able to maintain employment, then it's probably less likely that they'll skip out on court dates and potentially leave you stuck with a significant financial loss.

What is their housing situation?

A person without stable housing might have a more difficult time with arriving at court dates. If you fully support this person's path to redemption, you might assist them with finding stable housing during this period.

Will this person take accountability?

When someone acknowledges their mistakes and accepts responsibility for them, then it's more likely that they'll show up for court dates.

If you need a bail bond for a friend or family member, be sure to get in touch with a reputable bail bond agency. For bail bonds in Los Angeles, Downey, La Mirada, Whittier, and Norwalk, CA, contact the expert at Bliss Bail Bonds at (855) 631-2772. Feel free to give Bliss Bail Bonds a call today to ask any questions that you have about the bail-posting process!

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Posted: June 08, 2020

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