5 Services Provided by a Reputable Bail Bonds Company in Whittier, CA


In the event that you're facing criminal charges, a reliable bail bondsman could be who you need to help ensure that you're able to get out of jail and get back to your job and your family. And so long as you're diligent about making your court dates, the bulk of the bail money should find it's way back to your pocket. Here's a look at five services provided by a trusted bail bondsman in Whittier, CA.

Misdemeanor Bail Bonds

Because misdemeanors don't typically cause significant harm to others, the cost of bail is usually more affordable. Common misdemeanors that might require bail include disorderly conduct, simple assault, and vandalism.

Felony Bail Bonds

For criminal charges that are more serious, bail can be exorbitant. In such instances, it becomes increasingly important for the charged person to have easy access to their lawyer during such a critical time.

DUI Bail Bonds

People who are typically law-abiding can still slip-up and get nabbed with this one after they've had one too many. By securing bail, you'll be able to get back to work with the hope that the charges won't cost you your job.

24/7 Bail Bonds

Whether you get booked at high noon or in the middle of the night, a bail bondsman will be there when you need them.

Flexible Payment

Because the need for bail money is often a surprise, payment options are available that permit repayment over a longer term.

If you're in need of a bail bond, be sure to get in touch with a reputable professional. For bail bonds in Whittier and Norwalk, CA, the experts to contact are at Bliss Bail Bonds at (855) 631-2772. Go ahead and give Bliss Bail Bonds a call today with any questions you might have about posting bail!

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