What is a bail bond and when is one needed?


For those who are unfamiliar, the bail posting process might seem daunting. In reality, however, it's actually a rather simple procedure and will help your friend or family member get out from behind bars as soon as possible. This will help the accused get back to their family and hopefully hang on to their job.

What is a bail bond?

A bail bond is effectively a legal contract that is established between the court system and the bail bond agency. This is the bit of legal paperwork that officially secures the release of the accused. It's standard for this contract to dictate that the criminally-charged will be present for all court dates or else the full bail amount will have to be paid.

Who can get out on bond?

In some cases, bail might be denied because the defendant is considered a flight risk. But as long as the accused doesn't pose any serious threats, bail will likely be an available option.

How long does it take to bail somebody out of jail?

There can be a fair amount of variability here, but smaller facilities will often have quicker release times---perhaps in as little as an hour. In larger facilities, it could take something closer to six or seven hours.

Are bail bonds expensive?

While the numbers can fluctuate significantly from case to case, it's typical for the cost of the bail bond to not exceed 15% of the full bail amount. On the lower end of the scale, the cost might be closer to 8%.

Who should I talk to if I'm not sure if I should post bail for someone?

If you're unsure about what to do on behalf of an incarcerated loved one, it can be helpful to contact a bail bond agent who can walk you through your options.

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